Kwadaso Agricultural College (KAC) Alumni is made up of former students of KAC, in Kumasi, Ghana. For as long as KAC exists there has been a desire to form an association. For a variety of reasons, this includes constraints imposed by time and the distance separating alumni, forming a long-lasting alumni association had been difficult.

Perhaps the most successful attempt was the Kwadaso Agricultural College Old Student Association (KACOSA) chapter started by a group led by Mr. Prince Fordjour. It was the success of this effort and the difficulties it faced as a viable self-sustaining entity, which led the staff of the college and other dedicated old students to begin a discussion on the formation of a more inclusive national association.

A team of alumni (Mr. Prince Fordjour, Mr. Akwasi Appiah, Mr. Emmanuel Atiso, Mr. Bright Boakye- Yiadom, Elvis Asamoah, and others) met at Adehyeman Gardens in 2006, with the idea of forming a national association appeared to have several merits.

  • Firstly, although there are several hundreds of KAC alumni across the world, they are widely dispersed and will always be. Only a national association could truly represent all.
  • More importantly, a national association has a better opportunity of being self-sustaining.
  • Additionally, the national association can help organize local chapters.
  • A national alumni association can influence policies towards the growth and development of the agricultural institutions and the agricultural sector as a whole.

In light of this, a committee was appointed by the college to discuss a more extensive formation of the national association. This committee realized the importance of forming regional chapters or helping year group chapters to sustain those that are already in existence. The initial emphasis was to be on forming an association that will be of a truly national character.

KAC alumni formally began some years back when Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) alumni in Kumasi met at the college. Since that day a good number of alumni from all walks of life came together through physical and online meetings for long deliberations and in the end, adopted by-laws that will govern the association. This has been historic for all KAC old students.

Special thanks must be given to the members of the committee appointed by the college to facilitate the formation of the association in this new form. Members of the In-College Strategic Planning Team (ISPT) include Rev. Benjamin A. Mensah, Mr. Albert A. Amoako, Lois A. Mensah, Dr. Isaka Fuseni, and Joyce Asiedu-Larbi.  Special commendations also go to Mr. Joseph Akwasi Sarpong, Alhaji Musah A. Bonuedie, and others for their pioneering role in the course of this effort.

Lois A. Mensah; August 2021.