There are eight halls of residence for students. Each hall has a staff member as Hall master / Hall mistress who acts as a counselor for students as well as the overseer or warden for the hall. All Hall masters / Hall mistresses come under the Senior Hall Tutor who is responsible for the general welfare of all students whilst on campus. The Senior Hall Tutor is appointed by the Principal of the College. The Committee of Hall masters meets with the Senior Hall Tutor to discuss issues affecting students.



  1. Mr. David Agyemang – Gen. Hallmaster
  2. Mr. Eric Afari- Asst. Hallmaster
  3. Mr. Lois A. Mensah – Sam Hall
  4.  – Nicholas Hall
  5. Mrs. Joyce Asiedu Larbi – Rose Mensah Hall
  6. Mrs. Eva Ani-Okai – Modern Hall
  7. Mr. Ishak Shaibu – Smith Hall
  8. Mr. John Kwao Dawson – Hunter Hall
  9.  – Martinson Hall


Each hall of residence shall have its own executives headed by the Hall President who is an elected officer and represents the hall on the Students Representative Council (SRC). The hall may elect an assistant for the Hall President. The management of the hall is under the hall Executive Committee with the supervision and advice of the Hallmaster/mistress.



  1. Mr. Ishak Shaibu – National ACSU Patron
  2.  – Entertainment Master
  3. Mr. John Francis F. Ababio – Sports Master
  4.                                                    – SRC Patron