Kwadaso Agriculture College (KAC) is Ghana’s oldest Agriculture College established in 1922. As Principal of KAC, I invite you to become an ambassador of this remarkable educational institution that has grown immensely in its nearly ninety-one years of existence. In 1922, KAC served an entire student body of 10 from Carbury Hall. Today, we have more than 360 students enrolled in 2 academic programs offered in affiliation with University Of Cape Coast. The college’s sustained growth is due, largely to its exploration of alternative strategies in educating professionals and its commitment to excellence in academics, extension training, community service, and well-rounded opportunities for all students. As you pursue your studies at Kwadaso Agricultural College, you are welcomed as a member of the college community. Along with your membership to the College community comes many rights and
responsibilities. This student handbook outlines these rights and responsibilities, the college’s policies and procedures and its resources. We look forward to a lifelong partnership with you, our student. The entire KAC community is dedicated to providing service and academic excellence to you as you continue on the road to graduation and success.