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Kwadaso Agricultural College

Kwadaso Agricultural College (KAC) was establish in 1922 at Kumasi with structures provided by the Cadbury and Fry which was the major buyer of cocoa in the then Gold Coast. The College was established to train initially young school leavers in cocoa production. As a result of the need to increase food production for both soldiers and the civil public due to World War II the institution was expanded in 1946 to admit secondary school leavers to be trained in General Agriculture. The learners were employed as frontline staff or Agricultural Assistants of the then Department of Agriculture. In 1948 the Department of Agriculture acquired the land of the Central Agriculture Station from the Asantehene for Agricultural Research and Training. Structures were constructed for Seed Multiplication Centre, Cocoa Division, Soil and Crop Research as well as for training.

General Information

The College is situated approximately on a sixteen square-kilometer campus of undulating land and pleasant surroundings, about seven kilometers away from the central business district of the city of Kumasi. The campus presents a panorama of beautiful and modern buildings interspersed with verdant lawns and tropical flora, which provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere congenial to academic studies. It has within the short period of its existence become an important center for the training of agriculture extension officers and agribusiness personnel.

There are seven Halls of residence in the College. They are Hunter, Nicholas, Sam, Smith, Martinson, and Rose Mensah. Four of the Halls of residence for males only and two for females only.

The Halls of Residence and, the Administration Block occupy the central portion of the grounds.

The College started awarding its diploma in June 2007. All diploma examinations are reviewed by external examiners and moderators to ensure that high academic standards are maintained.

albert amoakoh

Everyday at the Kwadaso Agricultural College is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

Albert Appiah Amoakoh — Vice-Principal
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Mission Statement

We attract and train young minds and staff to offer innovative and transformational leadership, to deliver practical agricultural solutions in a sustainable manner that brings value to all stakeholders and meet national agricultural and agribusiness needs

Our Core Values
  • Leaders in innovation
  • Culture of excellence
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Integrity and moral excellence
  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration
Vision Statement

A center of excellence with dynamic, flexible, and demand-driven training programs where staff and the youth build careers that make them transformational leaders in agriculture and agribusiness In Ghana, Africa, and beyond.